A Quick Last-Minute HVAC Checklist Before Leaving For The Holidays

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You got your bags packed, your budget set, and mentally preparing yourself to face your inlaws this holiday season. So that’s everything, right? Well, make sure that you do not forget to make sure your home’s HVAC system is taken care of while you are gone. Here are some quick DIY tips you can do to maintain your HVAC system.

Deciding Whether To Keep The HVAC System On

Here is a dilemma many homeowners face when leaving their home for the holidays: deciding whether or not to leave the HVAC system running. Some may think it is a no-brainer to turn off your HVAC system if you are not present, but that can cause more problems if you are not careful.

HVAC systems not only help keep your home warm this winter, but they also help with airflow and air quality to help reduce allergens and excess moisture. While a bit of dust is not a problem, if you are gone for longer than a week, the excess moisture build-up can be the start of a mold problem, and dust can quickly build up. You can turn off your HVAC system for a vacation in under a week to save some money. However, for lengthier breaks, you can keep your HVAC system running closer to room temperature to help save on energy costs.

Last Minute Wipe Down

Did you clean the counters and sweep the floor? No, seriously, did you? Because a quick clean can help your HVAC system. Giving your home a quick clean can make the difference between walking home from your vacation to a room full of pesky pests like flies or silverfish or walking into a calm, cozy space. Make sure to get rid of any trash and clean surfaces to help improve your home’s air quality.

Fire Safety

Whether you are gone for a day or weeks, make sure to check around your home for any potential fire hazards near your heating system. The last thing you want to do before you leave is policing a series of flammable objects next to a furnace or, even worse, have a space heater plugged into an outlet.

Airflow Help

Be mindful of your vents while you are gone, and remove any blockage around your air vents. Keeping your air vents open will help improve airflow while you are gone. Also, resist the urge to close your air vents to save money; in reality, you are putting more strain on your HVAC system. Closing air vents will only cost you more money in repairs in the long run, so do your best to keep your vents free of obstructions.

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