Top HVAC Terms you should know as a homeowner!

HVAC Terms

Here are some key HVAC terms that every homeowner should know:

1. Air conditioning: This refers to the process of cooling and dehumidifying the air in a building.
2. Heating: This refers to the process of providing warmth in a building, typically by using a furnace or heat pump.
3. Furnace: This is a common type of heating system that uses a network of pipes and ducts to distribute warm air throughout a building.
4. Heat pump: This is a type of heating and cooling system that uses the natural flow of heat to provide warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer.
5. Ducts: These are the pipes or tubes that are used to distribute air from the HVAC system throughout a building.
6. Thermostat: This is a device that is used to control the temperature in a building by regulating the operation of the heating and cooling systems.
7. Ventilation: This refers to the process of providing fresh air to a building and removing stale or contaminated air.
8. Indoor air quality: This refers to the quality of the air inside a building, including factors such as temperature, humidity, and the presence of pollutants or allergens.

By understanding these terms, you can better communicate with HVAC professionals and make informed decisions about your home's heating and cooling systems.

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