Meet Our Service Team!

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Meet Our Service Team!

With over 100 plus years of collective knowledge and experience in the trades. Our team is dedicated to bringing you a world-class experience, combined with quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

Service Manager Level 2 – Arthur

With his extensive HVAC/R background and experience, Art uses every morning to teach our technicians something new. He uses this time to mentor our more junior technicians different troubleshooting techniques and drilling home the importance of our proper safety and protocols. At the end of the day, Art is a mechanic at heart. He even spends time under the hood of his car; if it comes apart and can be repaired, Art is not only willing to learn how it works but seeks out that knowledge. Breaking things down to build them back better and more efficiently.

Service Manager Level 1 – Dominic

Our Assistant Manager, Dominic has over 30 years in the trades and management. This HVAC wizard does most of his training in a hands-on approach. Having junior technicians shadow him in the field before shadowing them to ensure that our customers are getting the best quality on all repairs and installs. An avid reader, Dominic likes to read biographies with his wife as they both have a passion for learning. He brings these qualities with him to become a better leader. Quick-witted Dominic leads by example and is an asset to our team.

Technician Level 4 – Dustin

A dotting father, Dustin is one of our Senior Technicians and has a good few years of HVAC experience under his belt. Dustin is a hard worker and looks to Chris as a mentor. Dustin said that he, “has learned a lot working for the company…and from the owner (Chris Marshall) that (he) can apply to his personal life and his career.”

Technician Level 3 – Derek

Our resident funny man, Derek adds comic relief to our team here. He frequently pairs up with Mike to tag team commercial and refrigeration equipment along the Strip. While not yet the expert Dominic is, he is quickly becoming so. He is more than adept in all things ice machines. Derek is also what you might call a tech geek. He likes to play around with RBF networks and computers in general. Which in this field is a plus, as HVAC becomes more reliant of smaller, more complex control boards, he already has a great working knowledge and an edge.

Technician Level 2 – Michael

Mike was a plumber before changing his career, which in short makes him a brazing pro. (Seriously, his work is impeccable.) It also means he can draw on his experience when working with evaporative and hydronic systems and it gives him an edge not everyone else has. Mike’s artwork is somehow more flawless than his brazing. He enjoys tattooing and drawing, the latter a trait he passed on to his young daughter.

Technician Level 2 – Clarence

This Hawaii native moved to Las Vegas and hit the ground running. He is certainly making waves within the company. Clarence is EPA certified and graduate from the HVAC School at CSN at the top of his class. His youthful enthusiasm is infectious while working in the shop. He’s a PTAC Pro, repairing those units so fast it would make you head spin. We have high expectations for the youngest employee here as he starts his career off.

Technician Level 1 – Gerardo

This former soccer coach loves being active which is good in this industry. There is a lot of crawling into attics and crawlspaces, moving heavy equipment, not for the faint of heart. This also sets him apart from most having prior leadership experience. We can see him going far within the company. He’s shown great initiative and we’re pumped to have such a hospitable young man join our team!

Technician Level 1 – Luis

An ambitious technician. This former California resident moved to Vegas with his 3 children. His plan is to learn everything he can so that he can open his own company one day. Luis has been sticking close to our Leadership Team to fine-tune those skills. We’re thrilled to have this self-started with our team.

Technician Level 3 – Daniel

This father of two has more than a few years as an HVAC/R technician under his belt, and over 15 years as a General Manager. A natural leader, Daniel has everything it takes to quickly become one of our best technicians. This quick-witted mechanic has a passion for all things cars, much like our Service Manager he enjoys spending time rebuilding them. Being a patient young man, we already see him going far.

Technician/Installer Level 2 – Reynoldo

Reynoldo is one of two of our installation crew. He is one of the hardest workers we have on staff and has been Employee of the Month within his first few months of working here with us. His style is almost as clean as his installs. This cowboy rocks out to Mariachi music while working in house and preparing for upcoming installations. It’s a nice change of pace breathing new life into our mornings here.

Technician/Installer Level 2 – Juan

The second part of our wonderful installation crew, Juan is just as dedicated to his work. Every morning before an installation he’s here early and if we’re lucky he brings in tamales. (A man after my own heart) Juan likes to travel and wants to visit Kenya this upcoming year.


The A/C Guys® - Residential Air Conditioning Experts


Lic. #88838 Bid Limit $2,600,000.00

About The A/C Guys®:

Integrity, mastery, and quality is our commitment to our customers. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship and as a veteran owned company, we stand by our unwavering resolve to be the best. Excellence is our policy, and we ensure that with continuous training for all our technicians.

As experts in repair, maintenance, and installation we can service all makes and models of heating, cooling, and refrigeration equipment, for both residential and commercial air conditioning equipment systems. Our preventative maintenance programs ensure we catch small problems before they become costly repairs.


Las Vegas Mechanical - HVAC Commercial Mechanical Contractor


Lic. #87108 Bid Limit $245,000.00

About Las Vegas Mechanical:

Las Vegas Mechanical is dedicated to creating lasting relationships with each customer. We have an established and knowledgeable team to provide you a world class experience.

As a Veteran owned business that provides heating, ventilation & air conditioning for residential and commercial applications, we pride ourselves on integrity, honesty, and the highest levels of craftsmanship.