When AC Humming Sounds Are An Issue

photo of HVAC unit

Summer around the corner means your AC will be even more helpful in your home than usual. We are no stranger to the heat around here; it can get quite uncomfortable without a properly functioning AC to beat the heat. While your HVAC system should be working in the background with minimal disturbance, sometimes your AC can make odd sounds. If your AC has been humming lately, this might be a clue that you need repairs, but how serious is it?

Sounds From The HVAC

Typically modern HVAC systems are quiet, and you often are not hearing them work at al. HVAC systems are meant to function in the background without disturbing your home, so the minute you notice the loud sounds from your vents rushing into your home, you have an issue. Certainly, wall-mounted air conditioners can be noisy, but you spent the money for an HVAC system to avoid that large amount of noise, so why put it up with any disturbance?

Humming Sounds

What makes humming sounds from an AC somewhat of an odd issue is that it does not always signal a typically severe or dangerous problem, but that does not mean you should ignore the sound. Often, humming sounds can be caused by loose components in your HVAC system, like a fan motor not working correctly. However, there can be cases where a humming sound can be linked to improper wire connections creating electrical arcs, which can be pretty serious.

While HVAC systems are relatively quiet, we must stress that they are not necessarily silent. You can have HVAC systems that make a faint hum when operating, but we stress that it is faint. The sound of a properly functioning HVAC system can be something you can easily ignore and not worry about keeping you up at night.

Can I Fix This On My Own?

So most homeowners will want to approach this humming issue with a DIY fix, and while that is commendable, unless you know the ins and outs of an HVAC system, we advise against this approach. As we mentioned above, there are many reasons why an AC can start humming, and it can be a combination of issues. There can be issues with your systems refrigerant, circuit breaker, or even damage to your relay switches leading to odd sounds. Overall the best course of action is to call our professionals to take a look.

You might be wondering, when exactly should you call? While the humming sound can sometimes not be severe, with a quick fix, you do not want to leave this type of issue to chance and deal with far more expensive repairs in the future. If you notice that your AC is making a new sound that it was not making before, give us a call.

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